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What does it mean when I have Acid Reflux?

For years I suffered with the burning sensation of my throat. At the time I did not know what was causing it. As time went on I realized certain foods were triggers and heartburn became a daily occurrence. My doctor prescribed two medications for Acid Reflux. After years of taking those meds, These medications no longer worked for me. That is when I decided I needed to take things a step further and figure out what was going on. I started doing my research and found that the Acid I was experiencing was caused by an intolerance or a food allergy.

For some people the heartburn and indigestion is something that can be controlled by adjusting some simple eating habits. A few months a go I had a client that was experiencing heartburn specifically at night. Come to find out, this client was eating his last meal of the day too close to bedtime. I suggested he eat 1-2 hours earlier to give food time to digest. I also suggested that he should make his evening meal a little bit lighter than what he would normally eat for lunch. With these two adjustments he was able to greatly improve his situation. I also recommended a vitamin supplement Plexus Bio Cleanse that keeps heartburn under control and you can take it as needed.

Plexus Bio Cleanse was developed by doctors and is made of natural vegan ingredients. It improves the digestion process and helps to reduce gas, bloating and GI discomfort.

If you are experiencing frequent Acid Indigestion on a daily basis, you may want to consult with a Gastroenterologist to make sure you don’t have any other underlying health conditions such as GERD or an Autoimmune Disease that effects the digestive system. A Health and Wellness Coach can help you make small adjustments to your diet or help you to figure out which specific food is causing the issue.

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