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Cultivating A Good Attitude

Before changing the world, you must first change yourself. Attitude starts with the decision you make to believe in yourself. To maintain a good attitude you must practice cultivating a good attitude every day. Positive affirmations and having an attitude of gratitude is the easiest way to keep a positive attitude. Find the positive in every situation, you have the power to change the things you don’t like in your life. Do you want to have more positive energy in your life? Here is a simple habit you can practice every day that will help you.

  1. In a journal – write down 9 things you are grateful for. Do it when you first rise in the morning.
  2. In your journal – write down your affirmation that you want to say to yourself everyday.
  3. Set an alarm 3 times during the day that you can repeat saying your affirmation to yourself every day.
  4. In your Journal – read what you wrote earlier that day. Then write down the best thing that happened today is ______________. Then be grateful for what you have accomplished today and repeat the same thing tomorrow.

Once you start accomplishing your goals, write new affirmations. When ever you are having a bad day, read some of your past entries on the things you are grateful for.

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