Podcast Episode 2: Creating New Habits

Right now we are in a challenging time. During COVID-19 most people are currently under quarantine. Kids are out of school and parents are learning to home school. So life right now for most people, isn’t normal. So maybe we need to create a new normal. You never know what you can accomplish until you try something.  I know everyone has tried something and failed. As I mentioned on my previous podcast, you can develop a new habit just by investing 5 minutes a day toward something you want to accomplish.

What are you doing while in quarantine? Here’s some areas of your life to think about. Faith, Health, Relationships, Personal Growth, Business, Finances, Mindset.  I hope you can begin to see that this quarantine time can be more of an opportunity to capitalize on this is time you can enjoy spending with your family and making new memories. I am going to go over some ideas here that can help you either start a new habit and or help you conquer the quarantine blues.

  1. Health and Fitness. Everyone needs to get some exercise. I hope you will make time to exercise at least 15 minutes every day. If you have kids at home… exercise together as a family. If you’re not able to go outside and enjoy good weather, you could have a dance party.
  2. Try experimenting with food, make a goal to eat at least one healthy delicious meal per day. Even if you don’t like to cook, with family you could make it a cooking contest.
  3. Make a list of spring cleaning chores and get the family involved. And to make it more fun, you could play musical chores. Put some music on and set a timer for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off everyone switches chores until everything is done.
  4. Go through closets and find old toys or clothes that either no longer look good on you or fit well and sell used items online on places like eBay, Amazon, eBid, or Poshmark. You never know that stuff you’re not using could make a little extra money.
  5. Rearrange furniture and create a space you love in your home that you can relax and enjoy. For some super cheap ideas you can check out these You Tube Channels; Clutterbug and Fun Cheap or Free.
  6. Create a vision board.
  7. If you have been laid off and need some alternate sources of income. There are many jobs that can be done online from home. Such as virtual accounting or bookkeeping, virtual executive assistant, virtual call center, virtual HR, social media marketing and more. ZipRecruiter is a place you can find jobs like these.
  8. Learn a new skill.  I want you to ask yourself what is it that thing you have always wanted to do but never had the guts or the opportunity. On you can learn from the experts how to do something new, for example Santana has a guitar classes you can take, or there’s other experts that teach film making, art, photography, etc.

So whatever you decide to do, I hope you make a goal to create some new habits that will improve your life. Each day make a priority and schedule a specific amount of time to work on a new habit that will bring you closer to your goal. Small habits over time can create a domino effect to future goals that will make each new skill you learn a little easier. Yes some goals my take a little more than 5 minutes a day, make it a priority. You can use a little self-discipline to accomplish new habits. I want you to focus on the end result. Even if you have a little anxiety, exercise the self-discipline it helps us to establish the boundaries where we operate. This is the key ingredient that gives us the confidence to overcome what we think we can’t do. By removing the anxiety we remove the limits to what we can do. Once you do that using this principle can help you accomplish bigger and greater things. I hope you will make some decisions today that your future self will thank you for.