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Say Thank You – Feel GOOD Motivation

Your day should always begin with gratitude. I have noticed when I don’t have an attitude of gratitude, things don’t seem to go as well. Doing some of these things every day can help you to keep a positive attitude. They can also help you feel happy when you are depressed. Here are some ways you can practice gratitude every day.

  1. Write words of gratitude and post notes on your mirror and say thank you everytime you look in the mirror.
  2. Get a gratitude Journal – In the morning when you get up write down 5 things you are grateful for.
  3. Write down your goals you would like to accomplish in a format that makes you feel good everytime you read it. Post it where you can see it. Read it every single day.
  4. Post affirmations around you that you can see and say to yourself.

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